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A little Mouse

Page history last edited by Stuart 1 year, 11 months ago

Here's the story of the Little Mouse as told by Silas and Ivy.

We were having a barbecue at Panteg on August Bank Holiday Monday at lunch time.

We were there (Silas and Ivy) with Stuart, Gill, Leo, Max, and Alex. Alex went to collect Sean from the station.

A mouse had gone into a hole under the fire-place to make its home but we didn't know. Then we came and lit a fire. The fire was big and hot. The mouse's house was cosy-cosy but then it got hot and the mouse came out.

Photo by Silas

It was brown and its whiskers were singed and its ear a bit burned black. It was dazed and tired, and stunned. It looked very sleepy when it came out.

It sat around for four or five minutes, then it scampered off into the brambles by the charcoal kiln.

Silas and Ivy drew pictures of the mouse.



(Update) On 14th October Silas and Ivy saw the mouse again. It has a new home near the fire-place.

(Update) Ivy discovered the mouse's new home when Alex disturbed it.

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